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About us

Learn about Barcitronic

Barcitronic contributes to the industry innovative solutions in the processes of design, manufacture and installation, as well as the highest quality of the products it supplies.



for the European industry.

At Barcitronic we work to supply our customers with the best and most competitive products on the current market.

Our 3 Commercial Departments

We have the necessary experience and methodology, with a qualified and committed technical team to provide an immediate technical response in person, depending on the specific needs of each client.

Electronic components

Electrical components for all kinds of industrial applications. From trains to planes.

Industrial computing

Keyboards, touch monitors and AIO's (All In One), for computer, industrial and medical applications.

Electronic faucets / public toilet furniture

Design, manufacture and installation of custom furniture for high-traffic toilets, with integrated STERN electronic taps.

Our dedication and collaboration guarantee, without a doubt, that your projects are guaranteed success.

Facts about Barcitronic

Employees :23
Size :1,200m2
Sales :9.000.000€

Company Profile

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We can help you

Our activity focuses on the import - export of electrical, electronic and computer components, and the manufacture of made-to-measure furniture for public restrooms.

Office automation and medical keyboards.

Touch monitors and all in one (AIO) computers.

Custom furniture for public bathrooms with contactless electronic faucets.

Piezoelectric pushbuttons and keypads and sealed switches (aerospace).

Temperature probes and sensors.

Electronic components